A dream

My sister had come over to my mom’s house in Woolwich on this beautiful Tuesday.   We were sitting on my porch both wearing shorts and tank tops. It was 80 degrees outside. It was pretty early, The mist off the ground is just lifting. We were sitting on the porch watching the birds on the feeder. Luckily the bugs were not out to bother us. I looked around and said, “ Hey Ais, How about we go swing on the tire swing?”

 “ Sure.” She had replied gloomily. I had gotten the tire swing for my birthday in May. Now it was summer. It was hanging off of a poplar tree. It was a normal car tire, Nothing fancy. It was hanging off of a single rope and tied in a random knot. The tire tree was placed in our backyard away from the woods. The rock wall behind our house was behind it.  


We grabbed our sneakers and slipped them off without tying them. We dogged the mud and the brambles tickled our bare legs. When we got to the swing we decided we were going to pretend that it was a magical portal to my dads house. I do  NOT believe in magic.  We both got on the tire swing and wooshed through the air. We felt the air against our faces and laughed together. That minute was gone. Everything had suddenly gone black. I was suddenly very scared.                                       “ Aisley?” I called. I heard a scared little voice next to me. I think it’s her I thought to myself. I felt around and felt the outline of her face.

 “ Where are we?” She asked me.

 “Let me try to see where we are. I luckily had my phone on me and I turned the flashlight that was on it on. It looked a lot like my closet at my dad’s house. I looked around and found out how to open the sliding door. I had finally found a way to  open up the door.


When I opened the door it was my room at my dad’s house. I told Aisley to stay there and not move. I looked around my house and it turns out my dad was not there. That was a relief. I did not want him finding out how and what happened. We needed to find a way to get back. I wanted to call my mom and tell her what had happened but I did not want her knowing just yet. I told Aisley that we should feel around in the closet but not move anything because we wanted to get back the right way. We felt around for at least ten minutes until something happened.      

We were suddenly back swinging on the tire swing.

 “Aisley I think I know how this happened.”


 “We were going to pretend it was a magical portal.  Maybe since we said we were going to dads, then we actually went there.” Lets try this again I thought to myself.

 “You try and I will stay here.” Aisley said.

 “ I want to go to my grandparents house in Bowdoinham!” I yelled. 


I whooshed on the tire swing and boom I was in a dark place again. I used my phone flashlight to see and I was in my Grandparents closet. I wanted to go back so I started feeling around and poof. The air was in my face again.

 “ Aisley, we have to do some research.” I carefully grabbed my phone out of my pocket and I researched how to open a portal between towns. We were scrolling for maybe an hour until we found a real video on how to open real portals. We watched some of it and we figured out that you can only open a portal if you have the need in you for an adventure. We searched how to close a portal, nothing at all came up. One time I watched this movie and it said that to close a portal you have to go in a field at night on a full moon and close it. You have to say what you want to happen and you need to have one drop of animal blood. 

Of course we should try it!             

“ Where are we going to get animal blood from?” Aisley asked with a little tension in her voice.   “ I have a great idea.” I said after moments of silent thinking. “ Olive has a scab on her paw. If we only need a drop of blood then we can pick the scab and use the blood!”

“This is a perfect idea Cadence!” I have decided this because I will not hurt the cat but I will be able to get what I need without her really knowing what will be happening. Wait only one problem I thought to myself. We need A full moon! Without saying anything I hoped up and ran to the dining room to the calendar. I could hear Aisley running behind me.

 “ Oh no!” I exclaimed. “ It’s not a full moon tonight.”                   

“Just kidding.” 

Something was happening. I was fading. The setting was fading. I closed my eyes and opened them. I was in my bed along with my sister. My mom was standing over me saying:

“Aisley, Cadence time to wake up.

That is when I had finally realized that all of that was just a dream. Secretly in my head I blamed my mom for waking us up. “ Hey pickle, what did you dream about?” I looked over at her face of wonder. “ Oh nothing really.” I replied with some hesitation.

A poem for my cat!


Shmolive, shmolive, is an Olive.

She is very wise. 

To the dog though she always lies. 

She is very scary and I would call her hairy. 

She is a naughty cat, although I would never tell her that. 

She is weird in her own ways, she could meow at the birds outside for days. 

She is a mysterious cat, there’s no doubt about that.

She is funny in her own ways. 

If she told a joke I would be laughing for days. 

The dog thinks she’s silly, I think we should have named her Billy.

When she bats at the plants, she is a pest. 

My parents patience she sure does test.

When she plays she tends to get rough,

For some reason I cannot get enough.

She bites, I bleed, 

For her warning I never heed.

Her legs out front are too short, she runs like an armadillo,

When she tires, she lays and purrs upon my mom’s pillow.

We love her more with each passing day,

She is special in her own way.

Lake and Bug

Lake and Bug

By Madelyn  Sweet And Cadence Sturgeon

Assistant  Khloe Rhoades


A perfect summer after a perfect year, school started,

I needed to start all over again, making friends and learning new things at another school,  I needed to make new friends because my friend, Aki, moved to Africa because that’s where the rest of her family is and she said she just lived too far so she is moving closer to them, I tried to fit in but the T.A.M. the club got in the way a lot and so did my name, I met other people who had a name they got made fun of too, so together we will destroy the T.A.M club once and for all!


“My first day of fifth grade at my new school I am so excited!” Bug squealed to herself.  Bug ran down the stairs to see what her mom was packing for lunch.

“Hi darling, I packed you macaroni and cheese with bits of hotdogs in your brand new thermos”. Mom said as she squeezed lemons for lemonade. “Mom I don’t have a thermos.” “Oh I did not tell you?  I ordered one for you online last week”. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU, MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Bug shouted and hugged her mom. Bug has always wanted a thermos. Bug now felt a little more confident about her new year at her new school. She moved to the town of Sherman and is going to Sherman elementary school and is going to start a new life in this new town before she goes to middle school next year.  “I also packed you oreos and an apple”. Her mom exclaimed. “Thank you mom.” Bug’s mom did not get her things out of the blue like this, so she was so very happy. “Sweety, you are my big fifth grader, anything for you”. Her mom said, sighing. “So mom can I have a phone then?” Bug asked convincingly. “No.” Her parents have never allowed electronics. Bug had always wanted a phone but six more painful years before she could have a phone.   Honk! honk! The bus had come and was waiting for Bug. . “Bye mom.” Bug said grabbing her lunch and running to the bus. I got on the bus and sat in the middle where there was no one. There were not a lot of kids on the bus. Maybe 10. Sitting all the way in the back, staring.


“Lake!” mom called, “Go get in the moving truck please”.

“Bye, bye walls, bye rats in the fridge”. I said walking around my old house with nothing in it. I am moving to West Danville in Vermont.

I went to Seal Cove School in Wells, Maine. I am going to someplace called Sherman Elementary School 120 miles from here,  my mom was saying. I’m going to start all over and it’s going to be hard for me because no one will have a name like mine.


I think I am having second thoughts about this brand new school thing, I mean, I have no friends, I am going into 5th grade and most of the kids have friends and they have been there since first grade.

How could I only have one friend last year? The plan was that her and Aki were going to transfer together but Aki moved to Africa. Bug thought. of all the fun they had together. The bus pulled to a stop ‘oh no, I’m at school!’  She got off the bus and slumped down the hall with a lump in her throat and a tear in her eye.

Not from the onions in the cafeteria, ( but that was half of the problem) it was because she would not have any friends she would have to start all over with the friend making process.

Aki was the only girl that thought Bug was a cool name. Some of the girls said over the summer that the  girls at that school will slice your heart in half and make you cry like the doofus are! Well in my defense that was the sassy girls. ( which were way too young to be sassy)

I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care about them.

I was thinking.

I straightened my back and lifted my head and strode down the hall with power. 



I packed up my things and we hit the road. Later we got to Sherman town, we pulled up to a weird house on a weird road. I got out, grabbed my single bag and walked inside.  Wow this place is weird.

This week I am not going to school, my parents say I need to unpack my things and get used to the new house.

Next week is Labor Day weekend so it makes time to unpack my things.

“So here is your room,”  said my mom. “It’s plain!” whined Lake. “Tomorrow we will go to the supply store and buy some paint. Then go to the furniture store and get whatever you need… to make your room more roomie.” said mom As she pivoted and left the room.    I sat in my sleeping bag on the floor thinking about school and friends and all of my old friends. (Tess, Jake, Sophi, Josh and me,)  But now things are going to be harder, no one will have a name like mine. They were the only people who thought Lake was cool, because they like studying water and creatures of the deep.(so did I) so that’s how I fit right in. But here we are far from the sea and really the only water we have here is dirty puddles after it rains, and it won’t be good for people to think I’m a little dirty puddle.


I was slouching on the bench organizing my binder when the mean girls came by, Tiffany, Anya and Mallory. (Those are their names, but they go by the T.A.M club. When I heard the ‘T.A.M club’ I thought it was terrible, awful and mean!)    I closed my binder and I jumped off the bench to run away, but I dropped my binder and I forgot to close the rings on the paper and the pages scattered!    I quickly dropped on my hands and knees quickly grabbing the pages when Mallory said “ Hey girls! Look! Bugs crawling around!!” she said as if she were a bird about to gobble me up.“looks like she’s already growing anteni out of her little tiny skull! HA HA snort!”    I stopped picking up my papers when they stepped closer and closer, I started backing up then my back hit the bench when I whimpered desperately, “please, don’t hurt me.” “Ha! We arent that mean!” said Anya (She is the nice one of the group) “yeah, and you’re not really worth hurting anyway.” whispered Tiffany to Mallory, she snickered and scrunched her nose into an evil grin.  “Hey! I heard that you got an A+ on your math test!” said Tiffiny “That’s right.” I said not really sure what to do. “Well… Nice job nerd!” she hissed back with a snarl and Tiffiny and Mallory laughed as they kicked the pages and ran off. “See you in class.” said Anya, picking up some muddy pages and putting them in my hands and running off to join the others.




My name is a name that my parents gave me when I was born(obviously) because they thought it would be unique.

I have no idea why they named me Lake, they said that it would be different. They had met at our lake that we have a camp on. They met when they were kids and I guess fell in love. I wish that they had named me Grace, I would have loved to be named a pretty name like Grace or something like that, at least something that I won’t get bullied for.

On the bus to school I sat in the very middle were another girl was, she was alone and was not talking to anyone, I did not know that I was staring when she met my eyes. “Umm… hi” she said shyly. (I guess that does not really make sense).

When I go to school. Almost everyone was really nice to me. Except these girls that call themselves the T.A.M club. I think they call themselves that because they are terrible, awful and mean. There is this nice girl in my class, her name is Bug. She has blond hair and she sits in the back of the class. And I figured out that she was that girl on the bus! She was very pretty.

A week had passed.

Bug is so smart she offered to start tutoring me last week. I went to her house and we had a blast. Saturday night I even got my parents to let me spend the night. Bug and I now hang out all the time. She is my best friend.



Lake? Lake is the nicest friend and person in the whole world. I know we have only known each other for a couple weeks but once we started hanging out we hang out all the time. I am thinking that together we could accomplish anything. I have an idea we could take down the T.A.M. club. Okay I have to go get Lake and tell her about this.

I first met Lake last week. Can I trust her?

Of course I can, What am I thinking?  Anyway, I need to call her.   I picked up the phone and unfolded the paper in my jacket pocket and looked at the number written in her small neat handwriting.

The phone beeped and then I heard her voice.  “Hello?” said Lake,

“Hi Lake, this is Bug,” I said, sliding my butt up onto my bed.

“What is it?” She said.  I stuttered not knowing what to do to the T.A.M club. Then it hit me. The most terrible thing.

“Okay, here’s the plan.”


When Bug first called me I did not know who it was. We had made a draft of how to take down Tiffany, Anya and mallory.  I was going to have a sleepover at a bug house this weekend. Somehow Anya found out. She asked us if she could join us, we asked her why. She siad that she had been forced into there stupid club and truly wanted to be our friend. She also said that she heard about us taking them down and she wanted to join. She did not even want to be in their group anymore. I could not believe my ears. We made a promise that she would never go back to Mallory or Tiffany. She did not even Hesitate to make the promise that is how I knew she was on our side.


Mallory and Tiffany have been mean to me for like, ever. I tried to be mean to others with them to make them think I was actually mean. I had no friends and was desperate so I even turned bad to be with friends I did not like. In second grade they liked me but then they told me that if I was not their friend they would do something unforgivable, I had no idea what that meant but I did what they said because I was scared. I wanted to be Bug’s friend because she is a really nice person. One day one the playground I heard them talking about taking down all three of us. I realized I am not that type of person who follows everybody. I want to be my own leader. I wanted to be a nicer person even if it means making a sacrifice. I knew that as soon as I unfriended them they would come after me like a pack of wolves after their prey. Searching for me for a bad reason, a very bad reason.


I did not believe at first that Anya wanted to be friends with us. Anya has always been a good egg. That’s why I trusted  her. She was not like the others, she was herself and that was a good thing. She could help us find the weak side of the new and improved T.M. club. We had planned  to get them after school one day. They planned to corner the other two and talk bad to their faces. It just so turned out that we had planned it in less than a week. We really want to get back at them for all those years of bullying people. And get us some respect.


We plan to corner them after school on Tuesday. We wanted to do it early in the week because we go back to school the next, unlike a Friday.   I am so happy to finally get back at them for all the things they have done to students this year and in the past. When we get them we will earn respect and be heroes.

The weekend passed and the day finally came. The sweet smell of revenge filled the air and none of us were nervous about what the day would bring.


I’m only a little nervous about doing this only because the T.A.M club was always my gang but I did not feel right doing what they told me. So this revenge would make me a hero to our school.

I walked into the cafeteria and saw Lake and Bug sitting at a table.

My eyes met with Bugs and she waved for me to come over.

I sat at the table, next to them and stared at the T.M. club. “Guy’s I shouldn’t be here. If the T.M. club see’s me sitting here they might think something is up!” I whispered.

“Well then sit with them and keep your mouth shut about this.” whispered Bug as I slid out of my seat.

“Wait!” Said lake as she reached for my hand and grabbed it. I looked at her.

“If they ask for you to play with them at recess then say no, and if they ask what you were doing over here just say you are partners with me in math.” and she let go of my hand and nodded at me and I walked to them thinking  you’re going down!


As we watched Anya eat her lunch we kept an eye on her because we wanted to make sure she would not spill the beans, she did not. Recess came, as we waited for Anya to get outside we were wondering if she squealed or if they did something to her. Finally she came out and she said; “Sorry guys I had to tell.” “WHAT!” I yelled. “Just kidding.” Said Anya. “That was not funny at all.” I told her. “It was not funny even a little bit.” I said as I moshined to take cover under the monkeybars to spy on the T.M. club “It was a little bit funny.” Anya said and I nudged her with my elbow playfully and she snickered.


Our recess is always an hour long. About five minutes left on my watch intill recess is over. Bug, Anya and I are doing a cartwheel contest when I realize that Tiffany and Mallory are walking over to us. I try to warn the other two. “ Guys there coming!”

“Who?” said Anya

“ Tiffany and Mallory.” I said They stopped what they were doing and watched as they walked over to where we were standing in the grass.


“ So Anya care to explain WHY THE HECK YOU ARE WITH THESE FREAKS?” Mallory asked. “ I wanted to get some new friends for a change.” I told them good. I think we will just have to take them down right here right now. I thought. “ Um guys we can’t do this now we have two minutes.”Lake Told us. “ Do what?” Tiffany almost sounded worried when she asked us. “Nothing.” I said.

“We have to try at motor break.” Lake whispered just as the bell rang.


“No,” I said, taking my stand. “This is happening right here, right now!”

While everyone was lining up we stayed in our place.

“You can’t take Anya away from us!” said Mallory, grabbing Anya’s hand.

“She belongs to us.” said Lake as she grabbed the other hand, playing tug o war with Mallory.

“I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU ANYMORE!” said Anya as she shook her hand out of Mallory’s grip.  As soon as Anya broke free, she ran to me and stood behind me using me as a shield. “You did well,” I said.

“You can’t force her out of our friendship just because you want her!” said Mallory as she took a step towards us.

“We aren’t taking her away,”  I said “she wants to be with us.”

“Maybe you don’t know what real friendship looks like.” said Lake as Anya put a smile on her face.  Anya grabbed my hand and I grabbed Lakes. The unbreakable Friendship chain.

“If you want her you would have to take her out of our hands!” I said.

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” said Mrs. Turner, our homeroom teacher.

“OH! Anya hurt us!” Mallory said dramatically.

“They all hurt us!”

“Where did they hurt you?” said Mrs. Turner. Oh Mallory, she’s such a teacher’s pet, thinking she can say anything and not get in trouble. And the teacher thinks she can’t take care of herself and always has to be their to put a bandaid on her boo boo’s.

“Right Here!” said Tiffany, pointing to her heart.

“Oh poor things!” said Mrs. Turner as she helped them off the ground when they were pretending to cry.

They started to walk inside and the teacher turned to us and yelled “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE! NOW!”


We walked behind the teacher down the hall to the principal’s office like dogs on a leash. Right on her heels and Mallory looked back and put on an evil grin and looked at Anya.

“You monster!” she whispered as if she were a dog on a chain for a reason. It looked as if she was ready to pounce on Mallory. I really don’t know how teachers do it. They know when a student is faking it, so when we got outside the office here is what happened. Anya, Bug and I walked into the office. We quickly turned around when we heard the teacher saying; “Principal’s office now you two.” I had heard them arguing for a few more seconds when I saw that Mallory and Tiffany had gotten pushed into the office by the teacher and were now right behind me.


I really don’t like being in trouble, I’m normally a good student and don’t even know what the principal’s office looks like.

That was some intense fight that just happened all so fast. First we were fighting on the playground and about half an hour later Mallory and Tiffany got expelled. Oh, sorry I kind of jumped ahead in the story and want to hear the part about the other two getting expelled? Well, here it goes. We walked into the office and Mr. Robert asked us to explain why we were here. We ended up telling him that all the years Mallory and Tiffany have been at this school they have bullied people. We told him about when I was in second grade and how they threatened me and we told him that all these years they have been bullying others. We gave him the names of kids that got picked on and bullied way too much this year and also told him about kids that we have watched them bully. (And I wish I had stopped them)

He asked us honestly if we were okay with talking to Mallory and Tiffany about this and possibly suspending them for a little while.  We asked him if we could have a minute alone and he said yes. We talked it over and told him when he came in, we said we were fine with him talking to them about it.


After that day I told my mom all about it. I talked a lot about the T.M. club with my mom so she knows all about them.

That night I could not sleep, I was so excited to see what the principal did to them the next day. And after that we will be the hero’s a.k.a the people who got rid of the T.M. club.


“Honey!” yelled my mom as she hung up the phone.

“What is it ma?!” I yelled from my room as I slapped on another soggy paper on my paper mache art project. “Come down I need to tell you something I heard on the phone!”

I put on my last piece before sleeping down the stairs.

I looked at my mom, like I was telling her with my eyes to start talking.

“It’s something to do with a group of people at your school.”

“What is it ma?” I asked already knowing who those people were.

As soon as she opened her mouth my younger brother dashed in through the door, he was home from sunday school, I used to go, I used to be in the pageant every year,! I used to be Marry, But then I started to do other theater camps instead.

My brother closed the door and hopped onto my mother’s lap,

“I smell something good!” he yelled and went into the kitchen

“Lets talk on the porch, It’s more quiet” said mom as she led me onto the porch

We finished the talk and I dashed to my room and got out my pencil and paper and started to write to bug,

Dear bug,

You’re not going to believe this!


“Bug!” yelled my mom at the bottom of the stairs. I was doing my homework for school tomorrow. “Your friend, Lake, Wrote a letter to you! Come down and get it!”

I rushed down the stairs and grabbed the letter “Thanks mom!” I shouted and ripped open the letter it said;

Dear Lake,

You’re not going to believe this! The T.M. the club got expelled! I can’t wait for tomorrow! I can’t wait to see their faces as they figure out that it’s their last day of school here.

Anya is going to be a little sad to see them go and we have to accept that.

See you tomorrow!

Your best friend,


I could not believe my eyes! Expelled?! This is even better than I ever imagined it! We… We are going to be heros! With them leaving, we are going to be the best people in this school!

That night I stayed up but not too late. I needed to see their faces when they left with their moms. And then they will be at the bottom of the pyramid holding up me, Lake and Anya, and then we will get respect! My mom and bugs mom and Anya’s mom are all friends now. They said that it would be nice to go say our goodbyes to Tiffany and Mallory. When we got there our parents talked and Mallor and Tiffany were just sneering at us the whole time. They wanted us five girls to be alone in a room to say our goodbyes. ( I have no idea why) Tiffany and Mallory started spitting out mean things about us. I just did not care at this point. I wanted them to have their last moment here however they wanted it to be and I was not going to interfere with that. They were saying mean things about us and then the parents walked in and Mallory shouted at Bug as loud as she could: ( even in front of her parents)  “IF YOU WERE NOT HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS!”

I really don’t care. And neither do Anya and Bug. Mallory’s mom started yelling at her I think in spanish. This story was the story of how last year at elementary school went. It was a pretty good year.

We will see you guys next year!


And this is how this story ends. Watch out for Lake, Bug and Anya # two taking down middle school, coming out soon!

We would like to dedicate the series to Josie Adolf for being such a great role model. And we would like to thank Anya Bachor for Being one of our insparations to put her in our book. And thanks to the Theater project because without it I would not have done a skit of  lake and bug there and this would not have been here.


Day 10 Writing Prompt.

Day 10 Writing prompt:

Today I am going to be writing about today’s prompt.

Prompt; choose one peice to revise and edit, then share with your class when you get back to school. I am going to revise Day 4’s write a happy memory you have.

A good memory that I have is the cruise I went on three years ago. I was seven turning eight. I am going to be writing about how amazing my little room was.

This cruise was a Disney cruise. I am going to be describing the room my mom and I shared.


So you would walk in and on your left there was this tiny room with a toilet and a sink. You walk another three feet or so and there was another room on your left. This room contained. A  shower/tub. Right across the bathrooms is a closet 9 on the right side.) with a bureau inside. You walk a few more feet and there is an opening on your left side next to the bathrooms where there was a queen sized bed. On your right next to the closet there was a door. It led to the room next door. It was locked so you could not open it. On the left side of the bed (if you were laying on your back)  there was a nightstand. On the left side of that night ( again if you were laying on the bed ) There was this ugly peach colored couch that could fold out into a double sized bed. Next to the door on your right was another bureau and a television on top. Tucked into the roof above the couch there was this handle, you pull on the handle and a bunk bed would pop out of the ceiling as well as a ladder. ( that is where I slept ) Next to the television was a picture of a disney character. ( which I forgot which one ) On the fourth wall there was a huge window and a seat in it. It even had a curtain. The curtain had a beautiful white lace that was on the edges. The carpet was a lightish gray kind of color. The walls were the same color as the rug. Both of the beds sheets were white, and the comforter was red.  I loved the room that we stayed in sooooo much!!!!!

Survey ( Have to see)

As most of you know Madelyn and I were writing a book called Beetle and Bug. we gave up writing it. now it is back on !!!!! We changed Beetles name to Lake. We need help to decide our name of the book. here are your options please say in the  comments which one you like best. or if you have another name.

Defeat or be defeated

The three friends


the year of 2000

The adventures of three don’t be mean

three angels and two devils

please vote in comments!!!!:):):):):):)

Day 9 Writing Prompt

Today I am going to be writing about day 9 writing prompt.

Prompt; Learning from home was good/not good because… remember to include three reasons and examples.

I personally think that working from home on work review from this year is really hard. I totally get why they want us to review all the things we have learned but I forgot most of the things that they taught earlier in the year and it is really hard to go to my storage in my brain and try to remember when my math teacher taught that topic to us.

The other reason I don’t like staying home all the time is that I am starting to get bored when I am not doing school work. I really love going outside and I don’t like watching television in the middle of the day or the morning.

The last reason that I don’t like working at school is because I miss my friends and classmates to keep me company. My siblings can be annoying. These are the three main reasons why I don’t like staying home and working.

Day 8 Writing Prompt

Again Today I am going to be writing the prompt on my computer because I think that it is more fun that way. Today’s writing prompt: If you had a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it for good?


If I had any superpower I would want to heal the sick. I would heal them in seconds without any medicine at all.

I would use this to go to different places in America and heal the sick. Maybe I would go to the hospital and that’s where all the people would come in. I would heal everyone in the country from the coronavirus and that should immediately stop it from spreading. I would save all those sick and poor people in the world by healing them for free. 

I would want to heal them for free because it would make me feel good inside, not that I want to be treated differently; it would just be one of those things that makes you happy for helping others.


Day 7 writing.

I am ahead in writing because I started on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  I am going to be writing day 7: If you were in charge. How would you help your community right now? Include three ways with examples.

One thing that I would make sure that happens in our Bowdoinham community is that I would make sure everyone some how washed there hands before eating, after coming in from outside and after using the bathroom. I would also supply every house with three boxes of gloves, the gloves are so whenever you go out of your home. I would shut down every gathering over 30 people and try to find a way to have that group meet up over the internet. I would close down all stores an if you needed anything it would be delivered right to your door.

The reason I would make sure that everyone washes there hands is because germs spread and we want our houses to be as clean as possible. The reason I would supply everyone with gloves is because if they go out to a store they would not get germs on there hands. The reason that i would close all stores is because there have been warnings about getting quarentined so we need to stalk up on food. and the stored carry a lot of germs so if you needed something badly it would be shiped to your door.

I wanted to blog about my writing because I am a fast typer and I did not want to write.  These are the things that I woud do right now to keep everyone safe in my community.


another Best Friend

I have another best friend her name is Amia. I noticed it is not fair for me to write something nice for one friend and not the other.

Amia and I have been friends since second grade. She is a good friend to have. she is nice, loyal and she is there for you when you need it.  She listens to you and she never gets in trouble. Amia and I are very alike. If you are friends with me and not Amia that is your loss. she is a wonderful person.

My Cat

I had just listened to the video. What I heard was this woodpecker pecking. It reminded me that at my dads house there are a bunch of pretty birds that sing in the morning time. It also reminds me that at my mom’s house there are not a lot of birds that come and sing to us in the morning. The reason behind that is because my dog barks at everything so he scares some of them off.

We don’t have birds that sing but we do have a bird feeder and birds who come in the morning. My cat Olive sits at the sliding door and meows and chirps whenever she sees a bird. Olive is my newish cat, we got her four months ago today. Olive is mentally special, the animal shelter we got her from thinks that she had a brain trauma when she was a kitten. ( which means they think she hit her head hard and damaged part of the brain.) Olive is nine months old today. when we first go her she spun around in circles. This is what this video reminds my of.